Different types of insurance policies

Insurance: Insurance is a necessity, any person shouldn’t consider it optional or an investment or tax saving tool. There are many types of Insurance each with different categories to meet different needs, i.e. Medical & life insurance for people, Home insurance for your home, Vehicle insurance for your vehicles, Travel insurance for your journey, Transit […]

Stock Market Investment is no Child’s play

Stock Market: Buying and Selling of Shares/Stocks are called investing/trading in the stock market, by purchasing shares or a company you become a share holder of that company. You can either trade in the stock market through a stock broker or you can trade all by yourself by having a online trading and a demat […]

Mutual Funds are a good investment opportunity

Mutual Funds : After Fixed Deposit and Gold Bonds, Mutual Funds are considered as an investment with more returns and less risk due to diversification and managed by professional research. Investing in Mutual funds is like investing in stock market indirectly as your money is diversified in different companies and stock depending on the choice […]

Fixed Deposits and Gold Etf are considered safe investment

Fixed Deposits: These types of investment are considered to be the safest investment. In a Fixed Deposit investment, Bank or financial institution pays you a fixed percentage or interest on the money you keep with them. Depending on the bank or financial institution they pay you either Yearly, half yearly or quarterly. The Banks pay […]

Important things to know before you start investing

Pacific Investment provides free advice for investment in various types of assets. We provide your information and research to invest your money in the stock market, Derivatives, Commodity, Gold ETFs and gold bonds, Mutual funds, Debentures, Fixed Deposits, Insurance, Mediclaim, IPO, Real Estate and other Investment opportunity. Important things you must know and understand before […]